W.A.V.E.'s Pumpkin Eyes

The Sleaze Box
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Murderers find themselves on the receiving end of painful deaths when the ghosts of their victims return to kill them over and over again! Laura Giglio stars as a hitwoman who sadistically murders a young woman (Debbie D) who testified against the mob. But the woman returns and shows the hitwoman what it feels like to die a painful death by first drowning her, then strangling her, and finally shooting her as she shot Debbie! Next tale is a cheating wife who poisons her husband only to have him return from the dead to both strangle and electrocute her! Tracey Lixx stars as a woman who has her partner killed only to have both the victim and the hitman who she killed, return for revenge by stabbing her to death and then shooting her! But who’s behind these supernatural events? Chief Brisco investigates and learns the truth about the “Pumpkin gods”! THE SLEAZE BOX presents W.A.V.E’s PUMPKIN EYES!

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    470 MB
  • Duration
    61 minutes
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  • Buy or rent W.A.V.E.'s PUMPKIN EYES!
  • Size470 MB
  • Duration61 minutes
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W.A.V.E.'s Pumpkin Eyes

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